Abbott's Blog



Level 5

Really good job!


Level 5

Nice work! Congrats... I am working on mine currently.


Level 4

Wow! Good Job Abbott!


Level 5

Always fun to complete a set.


Level 6

Congratulations. Now what? I always get mixed feelings when I finish an album. I love the hunt. Well done. Thanks.


Level 3

Probably Roosevelt Dimes; I only need 14 more to finish those. It is a nice feeling finishing a folder and/or a set, like "Jefferson Nickels". I mostly check rolls of coins, not really into buying or trading, so I have fun getting my fingers dirty. :)

It's Mokie

Level 6

Always a thrill to finish a set, congratulations!!! What is next for you?


Level 3

All my other folders - haha!!! Probably Roosevelt Dimes; I only need 14 more to finish those. Lincoln Cents I only have 3 left but they are 1909-S VDB, 1914-D, and 1931-S.


Level 7

That's The way to do it. Congratulations . Never give up. It's a great feeling . You will always remember this. . Good luck. Mike


Level 6

Congrats! Nice to complete a series.

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