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10 Oct 2019

NGC Coin Image Service

Numismatic Artistry | Abbott

Today I received the email from the Numismatic Guarantee Corporation (NGC) with the images from my recently submitted 1986 Gold Eagle coin. At first I thought $13 was a little too much for "images", but I am really pleased with the product NGC provided. For $13 you get 3 separate files; one being a composite of the obverse and reverse with an NGC background (4 MB), one being an image of the obverse of the coin (3 MB) and the other image of the reverse of the coin (3 MB). When I submit my next coin to NGC, I will definitely continue to add in the imaging service.



Level 5



Level 5

really nice coin!


Level 5

Absolutely beautiful coin... My absolute favorite USA design of all time.


Level 3

Very nice blog post.

I. R. Bama

Level 5

They are awesome pictures, but I would rather spend that money towards an acquisition. That's just my individual taste! Great pictures to post to your website or inventory software!


Level 5

I have used this service on my last 2 submissions and have been really happy with the results.


Level 7

There is a way to take good shots at home. First a halogen life bulb. Then you phone. That's right. They have come so far with cameras on phones. Some have three. I take the picture with my phone crop it and upload it to my device. If you look at my last blog you will see the quality you will get. You can also print them as pictures on your printer. Give it a shot.


Level 5

That is a really nice photo! I'm glad to see NGC doing this. PCGS has been doing this for years and I have oft wondered why NGC didn't do it. There is a growing demand for hi-resolution imaging in numismatics which is why I am considering taking my camera equipment on the road to different coin shows in the region that I live. I was considering charging half of what NGC charges per coin. I still have a number of bugs to work out before I spin this up for profit. I will also do close-ups of double-dies, VAM's, clashed dies, overdates, etc.


Level 3

Great idea! As long as you have a good set-up, you can take pictures all day and then do the editing after the show. I am still trying to figure out the best way to photograph coins at the house. The majority of the coins I have are raw, sitting in folders. But I want to photograph them and upload images to the a coin collecting database/software.

It's Mokie

Level 6

They did a great job on your coin, I would only use their service on a higher end coin. Like you said, it does add up.


Level 4

Pretty clear pictures! Even on this website I can see them clearly. Would they take pictures of specific variety points?


Level 7

Great shot of the coin. I know about the service. It's up to the individual if they want to do this because like longstrider said it adds up and there fees are allot thanks for sharing.


Level 6

They are definitely nice photos. It should be noted that these extra pay photos, I'll call them, are much higher resolution than the one that they show with the cert. number. I have a guy I use to attribute my VAM's that also takes coin photos but why not use NGC while they have your coin? The photos are also taken before the coin is slabbed. I believe you made the right choice. It does add up though..Thanks and congrats on the coin again.

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