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04 Oct 2019

Searching for Silver

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Yesterday I decided to head to my local bank and purchase as many rolls of half-dollars as possible. Usually when I do this, I get 1-2 rolls max because most banks don't keep half-dollars. Well, today was a little different. I ended up hitting up a bank that had 27 rolls!!

After opening each and every roll, I found.... zero silver coins. But I was able to find about 10-12 coins that I needed to fill spots in my half-dollar folders.



Level 5

that is a lot of halves! I once got six rolls.


Level 6

I am also surprised the bank had that many rolls/


Level 4

Good hunt. It always amazes me watching youtube videos when they hit a silver jackpot!


Level 6

Great way to have a fun hunt. I have pretty much given up on silver. Just me. Have fun.

It's Mokie

Level 6

Wow, even the 40% ones are pretty much gone from circulation nowadays. Oh well, you had fun and you filled a few slots so worth the effort, for sure.


Level 3

It was fun - my primary goal was to find coins I needed to fill slots in my folders; secondary goal was silver. So I has happy with the outcome :)


Level 7

The fun is in the hunt. Don't worry there out there try different coins if you like. It's a Great way to spend a fall afternoon.


Level 3

Fall? It was 102*F..... ugh. I would love when the fall weather actually makes it's appearance. HAHA. But I do try different coins; I traded these halves for quarters at a different bank.

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