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06 Sep 2019

The 1854-O 25c

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Alright. Time to tackle the

1854-o Huge O quarter

Some of the interesting "mint errors" are the ones that end in mint mark defects.

I have to clarify some things first:

"Huge" as PCGS puts it, "refers to extra-thick walls of the mint mark, not the diameter."

Okay. Now some facts.

A little under 1.5 million of these huge o mint marks were made, now it is estimated that only a million exist today. Recent auction prices suggest that for an EF-XF grade it will range around $3500-$5000[1].

Because of the arrows at the base and no rays, it would be considered a type 4 seated liberty quarter (1854-1855 with arrows). Although this is no 1873-CC, the huge o quarter shows the development of how far mintmarks have come.

Although the huge o was reportedly an experimental strike, it does show how much trial and error went into this process of these quarters over a period of about 53 years.

I would bet that most people can't think of a mint mark error as well known as this one.

Although this was a short post, I just wanted to make something about these mintmark errors.

Thank you for reading!


[1]PCGS, NGC auction records.



Level 7

I am a fan of the micro mint marks. I enjoy looking for them. I have to Remember most were hand punched. That puts them in different locations. There are so many coins out there. I enjoyed your blog. As Mokie said I go forgot about that coin. So many coins so little time. Keep up the good work. I also enjoy reading the comments on a blog. We learn from the blog and comments. Thanks again. Pat


Level 4

Very informative blog. Thank you!


Level 4

Isn't there some sort of mercury dime with a micro mintmark?


Level 6

What about the Micro S 1945 Mercury Dime, it is very well known.


Level 3

I totally forgot about those! micro mintmarks are also super cool!


Level 6

I'll take that bet. How about all the Mico-O mint marks? Including 1880, 1896, 1899, 1900 and 1902. I'll back this up with facts from PCGS:" However, grading and variety experts at PCGS have recently uncovered undeniable evidence that three of the so-called "Micro O" Morgan varieties, the 1896-O, 1900-O, and 1902-O, are actually contemporary counterfeits, most probably struck outside the US Mint sometime in the early 20th century. This is a significant discovery and one that will certainly have an impact on Morgan dollar variety collectors." Now I'm a VAM guy so this is huge tome, maybe not others. Nice blog. Thanks.

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