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12 Nov 2015


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Kassander Coinage

Kingdom of Macedonia, Kassander AE19. Laureate head of Apollo facing right / KASSANDROU left of the tripod and BASILEWS on the right which means (in order) Kassander of the King, or of the King Kassander. This piece can sometimes have bucranium or an LE monogram to the left. SNG Cop 1160-1162.

This bronze piece depicts Apollo on the obverse and a tripod on the reverse with the inscription: ΚΑΣΣΑΝΔΡΟΥ and ΒΑΣΙΛΕΩΣ. The coin was minted in 317-297 B.C. at an unknown mint in Macedonia during the reign of Kassander. (C)Kassander (358-297 B.C.) became regent of Macedonia from 317 to 297 B.C.

Kassander's father Antipater was regent of Macedonia until his death in 319 B.C., then the regency fell to Polyperchon. After the death of Alexander the Great, Kassander and many other generals fought for a piece of his empire. With help from Antigonus I, Kassander took back Macedonia from Polyperchon. Kassander then ruled Macedonia, a large portion of Greece, and Athens. Antigonus' influence in Asia and Greece was growing at a dangerous rate for the concerned empires that made up Alexander's old realm. Kassander joined forces with Ptolemy I, Seleucus, and Lysimachus to confront Antigonus. The unified armies clashed with Antigonus and his son Demetrius intermittently from 315 B.C. until the death and defeat of Antigonus at the battle of Battle of Ipsus in Phrygia in 301 B.C. In the end, Kassander "lost Athens in 307 B.C. and his other possessions south of Thessaly in 303-302 B.C., but the defeat of Antigonus... secured Cassander's control of Macedonia."1 Kassander died in 297 B.C., which might have been the "effects of an illness".3 After his death, Demetrius took Kassander's place as king of Macedonia.

Kassander is most notable for murdering Alexander the Great's son, Alexander IV, and widow, Roxana, in 310-311 B.C. to secure his sovereignty of Macedonia. However, he didn't proclaim himself king until 305 B.C.

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Note: sorry for the pic, something messed up and it's pixelated.



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Nice coins!


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Great history on this coin! I really enjoyed reading it! Thanks!


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Great blog. The history is fabulous. Nothing better than a coin and the history. Thanks I picked up something today mike

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Wow! You sure know a lot about this coin and the history of it! Thanks!


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Very well done blog. I especially like that you list the works sited. Thanks!


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Great article and history of the coin. Thanks for sharing.


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I did forget to add the diameter and the weight: 19.3mm - 6.63 gm.


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That's a good sized coin for this era.


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The picture is not pixelated on my end. Nice post, I enjoyed it.

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