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31 Jan 2014

ANA President Opens Gallery Exhibit

Exonumia | ANAStaff

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Fl Laredo 074

ANA President, Walter Ostromecki (front row, center), holds court with Martha Washington and Abigail Adams at Texas A&M International University's exhibition gala opening on January 17th.  Ostromecki traveled to Laredo, TX, where he opened a massive gallery exhibit on his private collection of First Lady letters and other historic "comm-memorabilia" at TAMIU. The exhibit is being sponsored by the Laredo, TX, Martha Washington Society, TAMIU and the Texas State Daughters of the American Revolution. Photo courtesy of Walter Ostromecki.



Level 7

I would love to see an exhibit like that. Pure American history. Can't get closer than that. Thanks.


Level 6

Very cool! Especially since I know a Daughter of the American Revolution!

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