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31 Jan 2014

Coin education as a young numismatist

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Written by: Ron Sannes

I was introduced to the numismatic community through friend and mentor Lee Minshull in May of last year. It all began when I purchased silver, ninety percent coins in as an investment but it sparked my interest in numismatics and coin collecting. From that day forward I have always been trying to better educate myself in numismatics. Being a young numismatist myself, I have found that there are many great resources to help further my education.


The first resource I found to be helpful is the Internet. It is equivalent to numerous libraries that contain information on coins and numismatics. Often times I find my self researching prices and auction records of various coins. If you do not have access to the Internet, another great resource to gather information on coins is having a face-to-face conversation with a more experienced numismatist. 


The numismatic community is always opening their arms to young numismatists and new collectors. I have found that almost every seasoned dealer and collector is willing to talk and help further my education on coins. The friendly and giving people make the numismatic world great. Whether you are talking to your local coin dealer or coin dealers at a show, they will always have great advice for you.


Another great way to meet fellow numismatists would be through the ANA. The ANA holds many great educational and fun events to help spread the study of coins and the enjoyment of collecting. A specific event would be Summer Seminar. Summer Seminar has been called the best form of numismatic education by many numismatists. It is something I plan on attending this summer. 


On top of socializing with knowledgeable coin enthusiasts, reading coin related books and articles are great way to learn. I personally love to read all the great articles insideThe Numismatistand other coin magazines. A majority of these articles can be accessed from the Internet.  There are many numismatic articles and blogs, like the one you are reading, all over the internet and each one will teach you something new. 


No matter what way you choose to learn specifically about coins, you are bound to further your education and have a good time doing so. Always remember that there are many seasoned numismatist out there that are willing to answer any of your questions.



Level 7

It's just to bad that everyone would be aloud to attend. Us so called old guys are still learning. We help the yn's everyday not just the summer. Something to think about.


Level 6

Great story, information and advise!

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