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03 Jul 2014

HOW TO: Message a friend

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Step by step: How to message a friend

1. Log in to money.org. Once you have logged on to money.org you will be on the home page.

2. On the yellow bar under the American Numismatic Association logo you will see “Discover,” “Earn Points,” “About ANA,” “Community,” “My ANA” and then your username, your avatar (photo) and a small white bell followed by your message notifications. If you have a message this will read, “__ new message(s).” If you do not have a message it will read “No new messages.” Click on this white message notification and you will be brought to “My Messages” where you will find conversations between you and your contacts.

3. Now that you are on the “My Messages” page you will be able to send messages, read messages and reply to messages. On this page is a purple bar that reads “Message Center” and “Send a Message.”

To send a new message

  • Click the “Send a Message” link on the right side of the purple bar.

  • This will bring you to a large white box where you can begin to compose a message. Before you begin typing, use the drop down bar to select the person you would like to message. To select the person simply click on their name.

  • Type your message in the white box and when you are finished click “Submit.” Once you hit submit you will be brought back to the “My Messages” page.

To read a message

  • When you have a message from a user their avatar, name, message and date the message was sent will be displayed under “Message Center” on the purple bar.

  • To read this message, click on the gray check mark symbol on the far right side of the screen in the box where the user name is displayed. This will take you to a “Read Message” page.

To reply to a message

  • You will be able to reply to a message from the “Read Message” page. You will see the user’s avatar, their username, the message and a clickable link that says “Reply.” If you would like to respond to the message click reply and you will be brought to a new screen that says “Read Message.”

  • To respond, type your message and click “Submit.” After you click submit you will be brought back to “My Messages.” You will not receive a confirmation that your message has been sent, you will just be brought back to the “My Messages” page.


  • A great way to branch out in the numismatic community and talk about your interests with other collectors is by sending them a message.

  • You can only message people who you are following and who are following you back.

  • Messages are private and cannot be seen by any other members. If you would like to talk privately with another user do so through messaging and your conversation will only be seen by the two of you.


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