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16 Jul 2014

HOW TO: Post a Collection

| ANAStaff

Step by step: How to post a collection

1. Log in to money.org. Once you have logged on to money.org you will be on the home page.

2. On the yellow bar under the American Numismatic logo you will see “Discover,” “Earn Points,” “About ANA,” “Community,” “My ANA” and then your username, and your avatar (photo).

3. Click on your username. This will bring you to “My Page.”

4. Scroll down to the bottom of “My Page” and you’ll see a few sections titled “My Blog Posts,” “My Collections,” and “ANA Clubs.” These will be right above the footer at the bottom of the “My Page” section.

5. Click “New Collection,” on the “My Collections” section. Now you will be on the “Add Collection” page.

6. Under “Step 1” you’ll need to add the title of your collection, this can be anything you’d like, such as “My Favorite Coins” or simply the type of coin collection like, “Ancient Coins.”

7. Also under “Step 1” you will add the description of your collection. This could be specific information about the currency or it could be the story of how you began this collection.

8. You will also need to add a cover photo under “Step 1.” To do this, click “Add Cover Photo” and you will be able to choose an image saved to your computer from here. Be sure to click “Save” after you select a photo.

9. “Step 1” is now complete. Scroll down to “Step 2.” Here you will add individual items in your collection.

10. Select the type of coin you are adding in the drop down menu under “Step 2.”

11. Once you choose the type of coin several additional boxes will pop up and you can fill in any information you’d like to appear in your collection about the item.  

12. Add a photo of the item in your collection by clicking “Add Image” and uploading an image from your computer. Be sure to click “Save” after you select a photo.

13. Continue to add items to your collection by clicking “Add item” located at the bottom of “Step 2.”

14. Once you are finished adding the items to your collection, you are ready to move onto “Step 3.” Here you will add tags to your collection so that your collection can be searched by others.

15. Now that you have completed your collection select who you would like to see it under “Viewable By.”

16. You have two choices once you complete this collection- if you select “Publish” and then “Save” your collection will be live and it can be viewed by your selected audience. If you select “Draft” and then “Save” your collection will not be live and you can come back to it later when you are ready to publish it.


  • Several badges are given to people for creating coin collections. You must add a tag with the name of the type of coin in your collection to receive these badges.

  • If you select “Only Me” under the “Viewable By” drop down menu, no one will be able to see your collection except for you.

  • You can share your collection on Facebook, Twitter, an email, or Google+ by returning to the “My Collections” page and clicking on the yellow bar underneath the photo.



Level 7

Very good information. However can you tell us how to erase a picture that is not the best. We should have access to that at least. It makes sense. Pictures build up while there learning and you can delete them from everything and every place on your computer but not here. Doesn't make sense. Just think of all the extra room there would be on the servers. Food for thought. Thanks.Mike.


Level 5

Has anyone updated this information in some time?


Level 5

I am unable to publish my collections. I can see them, but no one else can. However, I published them to everyone. I don't know what is up.


Level 4

I can't do that on my device. I wonder why?

Cuervo Gold

Level 2



Level 5



Level 4

Thanks for the information!


Level 5

Thank You!!!


Level 5

I have 4 collections. I would have 0 if not for this! Thanks again ANAStaff!


Level 4

I am unable to publish my collection. I have added to the collection, pictures and comments, but unable to save with publish selected or with tags. 01/08/2015


Level 6

I've tried to add tags to my collections on one I can't get it to do anything. On my other one it worked BUT the same tag was added to my first collection. Any idea, anyone?? Thanks

Mike Ellis

Level 4

Jake, it is 08/02. Yesterday nor today have I been able to upload photos. Is there a sitewide issue right now?

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