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18 Dec 2013

Join us at Summer Seminar

ANA - Summer Seminar | ANAStaff

Written by: Walter Ostromecki

2014 Summer Seminar Course Catalog -web 1Join us as we celebrate the 46th Annual American Numismatic Association Summer Seminar, held on the campus of Colorado College in beautiful Colorado Springs, Colorado, adjacent to ANA headquarters.

Each year we ask, how can we improve Summer Seminar? Members responded with valuable information and we take member feedback seriously. Here are some of the things members asked for and what we've done as a result:

Make the program financially sound and accessible to all members.

Members agree that Summer Seminar is the best educational experience in numismatics. So, they've asked us to safeguard this incredible program for future generations by ensuring it is financially self-sufficient. At the same time members asked us to keep it affordable and accessible to all members regardless of age or financial resources. This is a tall order and how we've achieved it is two-fold. To reach financial self-sufficiency, we've streamlined the schedule to reduce expenses and adjusted registration fees to cover seminar costs. To make the seminar accessible to more members we created the Robert Lecce Advanced Scholarship program. Scholarships are merit-based but they also take financial resources into account. This is very exciting because it means seminar donations will fund scholarships and financial assistance instead of being used to cover seminar expenses. If you'd like to contribute to the Robert Lecce Advanced Scholarship program, complete the donation section of the registration form located on page 15.

Bring back the Denver Mint Tour.

When the U.S. Mint in Denver adopted a 4-day work week, we could no longer offer the Friday tour to the Mint. With the new streamlined schedule we can once again offer the Denver Mint tour, which is scheduled on Thursday, June 26, this year. For tour information, see page 16.

Get us home before July 4th.

Many years ago, when the Summer Seminar expanded its sessions, the program dates began crossing over the July 4th holiday. With the streamlined seminar schedule, Session 2 participants will now depart on July 3rd. This will allow members to attend seminar and spend Independence Day with family and friends. Take some time to familiarize yourself with the schedule located on pages 8 and 9.

You asked, we listened - and it turns out what you wanted resonates with our goals for the coming year: expand and promote knowledge of numismatics, provide exceptional member service and ensure our long-term sustainability. It's all part of A New Approach and it feels good to be on the same page.

Regardless of your numismatic interests, we are confident that our classes, instructors, events and academic environment will further your enjoyment and excitement for our magnificent hobby. Please join us for the numismatic education experience of a lifetime!

- Walter Ostromecki, ANA President

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