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04 Apr 2014

Learn to exhibit your collection with noted author and award-winning exhibitor Larry Sekulich

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Written by: Emma Madura


Learn to put together award-winning exhibits, like this one from the Atlanta National Money Show. This exhibit won second place in the National Coin Week category. It is by Thomas J. Uram and titled "National Coin Week April 20-26, 2014: Coin & Country, Celebrating Civic Service." 

At the 2014 Summer Seminar, numismatic author, working artist and award-winning exhibitor Larry Sekulich will be instructing the Session 2 class titled, "Creating a Winning Numismatic Exhibit."

Sekulich is looking forward to teaching the course. He says that this class is a "hands on, fun interaction between people who love to teach about coins and learn about them."

This class is a great opportunity for numismatists looking to share their collection and knowledge with others and to learn the tricks of the trade from an expert in the field. Sekulich knows how to successfully display an impressive coin collection and will assist students in designing an exhibit from start to finish. Creating a successful exhibit is a long, sometimes stressful process and the combination of hands-on activities and lecture will give students the tools they need to form a winning exhibit.

Sekulich will also share in-depth details concerning exhibit transportation, rules and judging. The judging process can often be upsetting to numismatists but Sekulich reminds his students, "The judges are scoring the exhibit, not you personally." He also reminds students to first and foremost have fun with their exhibits.

Sekulich believes that this is a great opportunity for first-time exhibitors. "Students will learn things about exhibits that they've never thought about. This course will also save students time because they will be able to learn from my mistakes."

Students are encouraged to bring any ideas or exhibits they are currently working on to receive guidance and feedback.

To sign up for Summer Seminar, go to Money.org/SummerSeminar or call Education Assistant Amber Bradish at (719) 482-9865 or 1-800-367-9723 ext. 165 or email abradish@money.org .

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