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10 Jul 2014

Young Numismatist gives presentation about former U.S. President Grover Cleveland

Young Numismatists Exchange | ANAStaff

Young Numismatist Spencer Pelopuin gave a presentation about former U.S. President Grover Cleveland on Friday, May 17, 2013, to a group of kindergarden students at Sunset Elementary School in University Place, Washington. The 7-year-old YN gave out a Grover Cleveland (1st term) Presidential Dollar to each student.



Level 7

I am very impressed at the age of the kids in the picture. What they take away with them I hope stays with them the rest of there life. Thank you for this. She should get a medal for what's she's doing. Mike


Level 5

I forgot to ask why does the ANA not pursue and encourage these types of activities a whole lot more.


Level 5

That is a great thing to behold.


Level 5

This is great how kids like me, Spencer, and others can do this kind of thing. I wish I could get a free coin! :)


Level 4

That's one nice kid!


Level 5

Way to go Spencer! We YN's can spread the word too!

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