1905 Lewis & Clark Exposition

23 Feb 2015

With the ANA visiting Portland, a Lewis and Clark collection seems appropriate, especially an unlisted, little known so-called dollar to kick it off.



Level 5

Awesome medals. I have started collecting some medals lately. Really enjoy them.


Level 4

Very nice collection!!


Level 6

These are really cool! Your collection is amazing!


Level 7

That's a great collection don't ever sell it you will hate yourself.


Level 6

That's quite a beautiful collection you have. I'm hooked and will be checking out all of yours now. Thanks!


Level 5

Nice and unique collection!


Level 4

Greathe collection. Meny items I never have see. My self have Lewis and Clark bicentennial 1$ proof from 2004. It also fun with the Sacagawa dollar .She was on the exposition with her baby.



Level 4

Nice collection, I like seeing new coins. Come check mine out if you have the time.


Level 4

Really interesting collection! Thanks for sharing.

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