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15 May 2022

What I got

Coin Shows | BlackArrowCoin

Hey guys! I'm back and have some new coin's....I was looking for any silver coins at the show and there was one stand that I got some from.First: I got a 1926 s standing liberty " around g-6 — f-10" it was only five bucks! It's not every day that you get that good of a deal.Second: Also got a Christmas silver bullion " that's one ounce of silver" that only costed me thirty dollars! On eBay there around forty to forty five dollars. Great findThree: The last one we got are Mexican silver bullion. There a Mexican coin how American makes American eagles, they make these silver coins. It cost forty dollars each and I got two. On eBay there fifty dollars. Another great find!If you liked this post please follow to see what's going on here BlackArrowCoin

14 May 2022

Awesome coin show coming up!

Coin Shows | BlackArrowCoin

Tomorrow I'm going to are local coin show!It's the only coin show we have all year. I'm planning to buy silver tomorrow, lots of it! To be exact it depending on how much there asking. If you have any suggestions on what coins have a good amount of silver please leave a comment below and I'll try to see if I can get it.

05 May 2022

the old is the new

Coins-United States | BlackArrowCoin

Did anyone see the new 2022 quarter's? The bust of George Washington is different? It's not a new design. In my red book, the commemoratives selection ,the coin original design was the 1999 Washington death bicentennial five dollar gold coin. They only made 64,204. sounds like a lot, right? But how many coin collectors are there? Now it doesn't seem like so many? So every time you get change, and theres a new quarter, you'll remember how its a new quarter, with a older design.You'll remember that the mint took a old design and made it new again.

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