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11 May 2022

Some Coins that I own

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Hi guys! I'm back and I have some world coins that I will like to talk about.....

I got these world coins, there 1,000 lira coin, back in 2017 they were around 500$-600$ American dollars! But 2019 they discontinued they coins and now there worth 5.00$ to collectors.Also I have some Roman coins that I don't know if there reel or not I hope there reel, that would be awesome to have. I got these Chinese dragon coins and they seem like there everywhere on price. Some 10$ and some over 500$ what's the deal there? I got some ration tokens for free when I was younger, there w.w.ll u.s. red point , o.p.a., it's a awesome coin to own. Also I got a 1962 worlds fair token, in Washington they held the "American space-age worlds fair" worth one dollar in the world fair.the last one is a 1962 Mexico 10% silver coin. It was a 5$ coin to buy.

Well if this was a good post please read my previous post on the " new quarters, and the Ike dollar has in common with the Susan dollar."



AC coin$

Level 6

Nice . Good luck .

Long Beard

Level 5

As a coin collector of many, many years the coinage designs of other countries appealed to me. Acquiring a few now and again through most of those, I've began adding quite a bit in lately. More so along the lines of cost verses low mintage/survival figures. Which is where I feel one could make out comparative to similar U.S. coins costing far more.

leave a picture

It's Mokie

Level 6

A blog is incomplete and in fact near useless without supporting photographs.


Level 7

Pictures tell half the story!


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Photos would be helpful. ; )


Level 6

We are going to need to see your coins to try to tell if they are real or not. Good luck.

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