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24 Jul 2022

rare error?

| BlackArrowCoin

todays coin is...

a 1854 large cent, its one of a kind and I mean one of a kind.

My dads parents had a landscaping business, one of there jobs my grandma found this coin on a path that had been over grown and a about twenty years later past it on to me.

At first it was just a regular large cent and about a month later I took a look at it under my microscope and found out that was missing the star right above the bun.

After that I searched eBay but nothing, then duck duck go and still nothing then google search and nothing.

Theres no way that it was worn of because the bun is in perfect shape.

Do any of you know were I can go to find such a rare coin?

If so leave it in the comments, THANK YOU!!



Level 4

So cool! Never seen anything like that!

AC Coin$🌎

Level 6

Interesting coin . Great error . Never give up .


Level 4

maybe a oily die/cast error?


Level 4

That’s what my father said when I showed him. Hmm Thanks for your comment!


Level 4

Very nice Large Cent,don't know much about them but I hope it's an error coin for you.


Level 6

This is very cool! I don't know much about large cents, but Longstrider has some good ideas! I hope it turns out to be something great! ; )


Level 7

I just checked the web. There is a collector saying his large cent has 11 stars instead of 13. He has a picture of it. I have found were numbers in the date have fallen of some coins I have. I do not know if this is the case here. The coin with 11 stars they are spread out. The coin is an 1848 and its in coin talk. The 1817 has 15 stars on it. There seems to be a few of these. I put in my browser do stars fall of the Large cents. These are what came up.!


Level 4

Interesting 🤔 I take a look at it Thanks!


Level 4

Cool coin. I don't know anything about large cents.


Level 6

A dealer is a good idea. I know zero about large cents. There are some Large Cent web sites out there. I don't see it in the Cherry Pickers Guide. Also check out CONECA. Good luck. I hope you have something good there.


Level 4

Thanks I’ll try those websites and tell you what I found


Level 4

Because the rest of coin doesn’t show justifiable wear to suggest the star was worn down, you might truly have something. Would double check the weight, compare to other large cents of the same year and mint, and then either take to a trusted dealer, or send it off to a third party grading service for authentication. Because I don’t know much about large cents such as this, can’t provide personal opinions about what it may or may not be.

I. R. Bama

Level 5

Mike, I believe that the gentleman is explaining he has a coin with a mint error. It is missing the star above Lady Liberty's bun. Its not just any Large Cent.

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