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05 May 2022

the old is the new

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Did anyone see the new 2022 quarter's? The bust of George Washington is different? It's not a new design. In my red book, the commemoratives selection ,the coin original design was the 1999 Washington death bicentennial five dollar gold coin. They only made 64,204. sounds like a lot, right? But how many coin collectors are there? Now it doesn't seem like so many? So every time you get change, and theres a new quarter, you'll remember how its a new quarter, with a older design.
You'll remember that the mint took a old design and made it new again.

If you have any question, please ask in the comments


p.s. this is my second blog post!

p.p.s.I'll try to post every week!



Level 6

I've been getting a few of these back as change. Good blog! I tend to agree with MoKe's comments. ; )


Level 5

You can read about it in more detail here: https://www.money.org/collector/user_67479/blog/how-laura-gardin-fraser-won-the-washington-quarter-design-in-1932

Long Beard

Level 5

Welcome to our little corner of the world. I've been getting quite a few of those lately.


Level 6

The mint is good at re-cycling designs


Level 3

that is so true!


Level 6

I'll be watching for it. Thanks.


Level 4

It is interesting how they're doing it. I liked the old one better, to be honest.


Level 4


AC coin$

Level 6

Fascinating, it is like some sort recycling... However, the Maya Angelou quarter is great. Thanks much for your informative writing.


Level 7

Star Collector is right. L.G.F. designed that portrait of George Washington. Therefore its proper that the series dedicated to women have her design..Thanks Mokie!!


Level 4

Actually, it was Laura Gardin Fraser's design for the Washington Quarter from 1932. It was not accepted. But you are right about the half eagle, the original design(obverse and reverse)was on it.

Long Beard

Level 5

The original proposal was for half dollar circulating commemorative.

It's Mokie

Level 6

But Andrew Mellon, the Treasurer at the time nixed the Laura Gardin Fraser design in favor of a John Flanagan design that recreated the Houdon bust of George Washington. So it is nice to see Laura finally get her due after 90 years.

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