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23 Apr 2022

We need Peace!

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When I woke up today and I couldn't believe my eyes! my barber dime was trying to cut my Indian cents hair of! Luckily I have 12 Indian cents that barber dime didn't staid a chance but I was more worried about my dimes starting a war with my penny's. I grabbed my barber dime then put it in a coin flip, stapled it shut and into the album with the other dimes it went. There was one detail I forgot about my coins, they have no hands to hold any weapons of any sort for a war. Then I took a look in my album and there in the spot for a peace dollar should have been a long time a go. Do you have any peace dollars so this won't happen again?



AC Coin$🌎

Level 6

Welcome to the ANA World . Great blog interesting history . Thanks for sharing it . I am here to learn and help, I will be here.


Level 7

Welcome to the ANA. I hope you pick up allot here. By the way there cents not pennys. That's what England calls them. . Read current blogs and you will learn about many coins. I wish you luck and success. Mike.


Level 6

Wow.... ???


Level 4

it's not reel. but I like to have fun! and very realistic at the same time. if you like this post and want to see more please follow.

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