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13 Nov 2016

Summer Seminar and Website Update

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I had such a blast at ANA Summer Seminar this year! A big thanks to the Oklahoma Numismatic Association for their scholarship. Steve Roach's class was AMAZING!

This August, I started a PhD in the Department of Microbiology and Plant Biology at the University of Oklahoma. You can imagine how busy I have been, but I still find time to keep my website up to date (http://www.indianvarieties.com). For instance, I posted 36 new varieties on Halloween.

Happy hunting!




Level 7

Well I think is that great. Like Sun said you meet other collector's and this type of seminar builds character. Congratulations.


Level 5

Congratulations on the seminar, your course work and the website. Great desire leads to great achievement.

Pliny The Elder

Level 5

Congratulations. And great website. Thanks for sharing your hard work.


Level 6

Don't you love Summer Seminar. It's not cheap, try for a scholarship. You might be pleasantly surprised. The contacts and knowledge is priceless. Thanks!!


Level 6

The seminar is a great place to connect with other collectors. Nice website.

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