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30 Nov 2022

I Shot Two Quarters

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Hi everyone, I wanted to post a blog but couldn’t really think of anything (considering I haven’t gotten any new coins recently) but then I remembered: back in the summer, I went to this camp which had a shooting range. They had some rifles but the sights were nowhere near accurate except for one gun which was almost dead on. They had a few shotguns too, but you had to score over 20 on 10 targets (you get five shots a target) to shoot one once. I got to shoot the shotgun cuz I shotthe targets. Anyways, I was bored of shooting cans and targets. Then I had an idea. What if I put coins up on the ledge and try to shoot them? So I started trying to shoot the coins whenever I could. I tested out all the guns (there were 9) and found out which ones were the most accurate. Turns out gun 4 was the most accurate, so I used that one. But there was a problem. If I tried to shoot the coin but missed (which happened a lot) then the coin would fall off the ledge and I had to set it back up after all of my shots (I had five shots each time). So I decided to put up two quarters so I had two tries. But that means I had three extra shots. So I shot the target for practice, then tried shooting the coins. A friend also tried to shoot them (one time he got 3 bullseyes and two 9 points [the circle outside the bullseye] so I thought he would be able to shoot the coins but he gave up after a little bit). But I kept trying. I must have shot at least 15 times (which means 75 bullets) before I finally hit a quarter. The first one I hit should be the first picture. I didn’t shoot the middle, but I did hit the rim (which bent it). So I kept trying to shoot the middle (I wanted to see if the bullet would puncture the coin). After a few more attempts, I shot the coin straight in the middle of George Washington’s face which means I hit the middle of the quarter. The bullet went through, and I picked up the coin. It looked really cool and the part that got punctured was sharp and poky. I was really happy after that (although I tried shooting a nickel but failed). That coin should be the second picture under this blog. Can someone tell me if shooting coins is legal? Because I don’t think it is (but I did it anyway). Thank you guys for reading, and I’ll see ya!



Level 3

At least I'm not the only one who can shot good


Level 5

Very interesting way to create unique numismatic items :) Be sure to send it in for grading :)

Never thought about that before… unfortunately, I can’t spend anything as I’m saving up my money.


Level 6

Very cool and good shootin'! haha ; )

AC coin$

Level 6

Hopefully, as read, the coins weren't worth keeping. You have a sharpshooter's eye. I believe shooting US currency might be illegal. Again I am no authority about it. Be a great collector.

I. R. Bama

Level 5

I believe the boy is ready to go turkey hunting!


Level 4

Just hoping these weren’t quarters worth keeping. Lol. It is nice target practice though.


Level 5

Nice shot. I've seen all kinds of coins turned in rings and other jewelry items. Coins made into trick two heads coins etc. I don't think putting a hole in a coin is a problem. Seen plenty of holed coins also. How the hole got in the coin shouldn't matter. Nice holed coin !


Level 6

Great idea. Way to practice to get your skill level up. Nice shot. It is likely illegal to destroy coins. Everything is illegal. Who cares? Thanks.


I. R. Bama

Level 5

Never read a blog like this here before, lol! We are usually trying to save coins, not wreck them. Sounds like fun though, you are quite the deadeye!

True lol but they’re only 25 cents…


Level 7

That's good shooting. Great idea. Me I love to shoot.As saved my life once. Only because I had a gun on me.

Sadly I can only shoot when I got to camps because I can’t get a gun and I wouldn’t have anywhere to shoot it.

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