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01 Feb 2017

1921 Morgan dollars

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The three Morgan dollars of 1921 are probably the most common in the series. Many people who found family hoards of silver dollars undoubtedly had a 1921 Morgan or two in the bunch. These coins, the first dollars minted since 1904, are not known for strong strikes and blazing luster. But once in a while, a collector who keeps searching can be rewarded. If you really get in and look at a convention, you could find an exceptional specimen. You may not have to bid a fancy price at an auction or compete with registry collectors. Many silver dollar collectors overlook the 1921 coins, so you can have first crack at a nice one. The other day, I was downtown and stopped at my favorite coin shop. There was the best 1921-D Morgan I've ever seen. The strike was way above average, mint luster full cartwheel and blazing! A lovely 1921 Morgan is an appealing coin.



Level 5

Always on the look out for big eye appeal coins. Congrats.


Level 7

The one I need I think is the nicest with luster and that's the San Francisco mint. That's a real beauty and not that easy to get. I mean you can get them but the better the condition the better the price. Thanks for the blog. Mike


Level 6

You are correct. I know a couple of collectors that don't bother with 20th century Morgans. Not sure why. Glad you found a nice one. Thank you!

Conan Barbarian

Level 5

by the 3 Morgan dollars of 1921 do you mean mint wise or varieties


Level 6

Mints. P-D-S.


Level 6

Nice blog. You never know when something special will show up, even on something common

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