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14 Nov 2017

A gift to yourself

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Yesterday was bookstore day. Even the bookstores are preparing for the holidays, with special gift books for sale, coffee table books, art books. 
A good gift for a collector, including yourself, would be a new coin book. There are new editions of guidebooks to the Washington quarter, Morgan dollar, and Lincoln cent. All are fully updated and packed with info. Undoubtedly you own a Red Book or 2, but maybe a Red Book would be a perfect gift for the budding collector you know.
Mega Red is a massive reference book with detailed coverage on nickel 5-cent coins. Be good to yourself, and give this book a try.
Buy a guidebook to a series you're not familiar with. If you haven't looked at Washington quarters because they are modern, or too common, pick up a guidebook and look through it. You may find it's a more interesting series than you thought. There is a new book on modern dollar coins. That's a good series with a lot to offer. You can find a new collecting interest.
Get yourself a coin book as a holiday gift. It truly is a gift that keeps on giving!



Level 6

I love book stores...especially in the ol' days when they had coffee bars and big couches. ( before that was the norm ) ; )


Level 6

Books are always on my list. I'm hoping for a copy of yours for my birthday.. Hint to wife.....Thanks


Level 6

I agree. I have coin books on my Christmas list.


Level 4

The new Mega Reds are a great general resource - good reminder & good blog - Thanks !

Conan Barbarian

Level 5

the new mega reds are going for ~$50 but the 1st and 2nd edition you can buy for as low as $15 that is how i acquired the 1st one. they are very great for learning and delving into a topic even more


Level 7

I will go to that great vault in the sky saying BUY BOOKS. Some collectors do not understand the purpose of these. It's called Education. Great blog and a good idea for the Holidays. I hope they read this and listen. Thanks Mike.

coin collector

Level 4

I have a collection of all the new quarters that are coming out,great idea.


Level 5

Great idea. There are books for everybody, no matter what your collecting interest is.

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