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19 Jul 2017

A piece of history

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During my bookstore rounds the other day, I managed to stop at a coin shop I hadn't visited in a while. The owner remembered me and we sat and chatted for a time.
The display case held many bright Morgan dollars, Mint State, gorgeous luster. There were also quite a few Buffalo nickels, including a set of the later dates in a white holder. But the coin that really caught my eye was gold.
The last collectible year of the $10 gold was 1932. This coin is readily available and is a nice piece of history. This coin was minted right before the end of the gold standard. It's the year before 1933, quite a year for gold coins, as any numismatist knows. And it was designed by the famed Augustus St. Gaudens.
The coin I saw was Mint State 62, that lovely mellow gold color. Luster was there in abundance.  A 1932 $10 gold...a great type coin, historical, that would appeal to many people on many levels.



Level 5

I try to add one gold coin every year. Your blog causes me to consider a 1932 $10 gold coin acquisition in the future.


Level 6

You just have to take some photos. Your description are very well done. They make me want to see it. Thanks for sharing!

Conan Barbarian

Level 5

nice coin indeed you have some great coin shops out there


Level 7

That's the kind of store I would visit. That's a nice coin anyone would enjoy that. Thanks for sharing your visit. And that wonderful find. Mike

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