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18 Dec 2016

Apollo 11 coins

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I've been an amateur astronomer for years, even took classes at the Adler Planetarium. So I am anxious to see the Apollo 11 commemorative coins.
When the Apollo program was in full force, many attractive medals were struck. The most famous examples are probably the Franklin Mint issues, but there were others. In considering designs, maybe these older medals can provide inspiration. The Franklin Mint struck a mini-coin that contained silver that was carried onboard a space flight. The obverse was a moon map. Wouldn't a moon map look great on a coin, especially a concave coin?
The Ike dollar and Anthony dollar reverse design was the emblem of Apollo 11. The design considered for the new commems is a famous picture of Buzz Aldrin standing on the lunar surface. The Apollo 11 coins should have inspiring and meaningful designs that honor this great accomplishment.



Level 5

The designs should be interesting to see. Who knows which designs will be chosen.


Level 6

I feel that the Apollo 11 coins will be a big success.

Conan Barbarian

Level 5

that is one of my wanted jobs in life as a designer


Level 5

Great idea. I have quite a few world coins with space themes. They are some of my favorites.

CoinLady, you have a lot of great ideas! You should get a job with the Design Department at the U.S. Mint! If you need a reference, I'm confident you could get a good number of them from ANA Members who have read your blogs!


Level 6

Thank you. I'd love that job!


Level 7

That would be a great idea but I would like to see one of a hreo John Glenn and those who passed away in the Challenger disaster. Not all in one set release one every six months keep people interested. And make them out of silver. Buzz would make a great coin to! There are so many hero's in the space program. Great idea you should be at the mint. Why can't they come up with a coin. I'm tired of seeing American hero's on coins from mints from Britain the isle of man Canada. And any other country that has a mint. Thanks!

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