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25 Jan 2019

Apollo medals

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Collectors who are awaiting the Apollo 11 coins might want to look at some of the beautiful medals that were issued during the Apollo space program.
The Franklin Mint and Presidential Art Medals struck medals to honor the astronauts and their efforts. The Franklin Mint was quite popular in the 1970s, issuing many sets and series of medals commemorating famous people and events. Among their offerings were America in Space, a set that told the history of the space program in 24 medals. Members of their Collectors Society received a mini-coin struck in silver that was carried aboard Apollo 14.
Presidential Art Medals struck large bas relief medals for each of the Apollo lunar landings, and one for Apollo 13. The large area and bas relief enabled these medals to show portraits of the astronauts and details of the moon and their landing sites.
Fans of the space program, and I certainly was one, would do well to check out these lovely and interesting medals. They are not coins, but they are well made, with meaningful designs, that any history buff would enjoy.



Level 6

Sounds like there are alot of choices when it comes to the space program. Some photos would be great!


Level 5

Picked up the two dollar coins. Will go back for the half dollars.Someday may get one of the 5 ounce coins.


Level 4

I hope you have been keeping up with the Mint-issued medals that are space program related. I can report categorically that I watched every minute of every moonwalk's TV coverage, from Apollo 11 through 17 - even the simulated coverage after Alan Bean "fried" the TV camera on Apollo 12. I was such a NASA junkie that I never doubted for an instant they'd successfully get the Apollo 13 astronauts home safely. It was that kind of nation then.


Level 5

I have quite a collection of space-related coins and medals that I occasionally display locally. They tend to be a hit with all age groups.


Level 6

Please share some of your collection in the future. I think it would be just as popular here, as at a show.


Level 5

The space program would make a nice topical collection.


Level 6

Good idea. Thanks for the info. The mint is too high priced.


Level 6

I think collecting those contemporary Apollo medals is a great idea.

I saw Monumental metals immediately buying the 5 ounce piece for an extra 75$ from people who bought the household limit. I have one of these older medals, brass with the Apollo mission seal and a rocket on it. These older ones are quite cheaper as well.


Level 7

Now those I would like to see. Yesterday I got on the site as a guest after a disagreement. Well I took a good look. I saw a five ounce coin at a ridiculous price. I saw clad coins I saw silver all less than an ounce and expensive prices for the price of silver. So I said no. Sometimes you have to. The design was nice but again I smell another scam. Why so many coins? Why not an ounce of silver.? Why the high prices.? Wait till the retailer gets there greedy hands on them. Special labels I just think Congress and the mint are out of control. I will be waiting to see how many sold out. Myself two coins I would have made. A proof one ounce and an uncirirculaded one ounce and a small gold piece. Thanks for letting me know. Mike

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