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05 Feb 2019

Back out in the world

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After a nasty weather spell, lasting nearly two weeks, I was back out in the world yesterday. Bookstore day was quite successful, even though I didn't find any coin books.
My to-do list is over a page long. Now that there is some better weather, maybe I can go out more and...
Visit the coin shop to find a coin of the day
Go to the bank and get a few rolls to search, maybe a half dollar roll if I'm lucky
See if a local shop has some dateless Buffalo nickels. Yes, I am considering an article.
Do some serious research on a very underrated coin designer
Look for that first coin dated 2019. Will it be a cent?
I could get to work on that half-finished article. But I stay inside during bad weather.
Now is the time to get out and about. When you see a chance, take it.



Level 5

We are calling for a high of almost 60 on Thursday and only 23 on Friday. Oh boy.


Level 6

All good ideas... now to do them ; )


Level 6

Good luck. You have some nice projects planned.


Level 5

Some of that sounds like me (like the half written article). Winter is a good time for getting this type of thing done.

It's Mokie

Level 6

Sounds like you had a great day CoinLady. We are having pretty decent weather for the next few days, here in Pennsylvania, and I plan on getting some good walks in. Tonight is our monthly coin club meeting, will show and tell my irradiated dimes. Yay for good weather.


Level 7

Well I'm no weather man but I feel more had days ahead. That's why it's good to get out now. . I hate the extreme cold but always stay toasty. I look at what I have and find coins like That woods Hibernia. I enjoy it thanks Mike

I am glad that the bad weather is over, and then i realized my area is going to have an ice storm in a few days again. Maybe after that i will be able to get about. Sounds like you had a great day.

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