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24 Nov 2017

Black Friday coin

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Yes, it's Black Friday, and of course I went shopping. I left at 7:15. Had a wonderful day and a delicious lunch, served by my favorite waiter. This time, there was no stop at the coin shop. It was closed! However, I did some window shopping.
There was a beautiful Buffalo nickel, with that beaming luster seen on nickel coins. This coin was graded MS-63, and I think that was conservative. The rugged look of the coin and fine details were exactly what James Fraser had in mind for his coin. The date was 1913, Type II.
As a Buffalo nickel enthusiast, I know the 1913 Type I is easy to find in high grade. Many of this first-year coin were saved. I have seen many in lovely mint state. But this one was exceptional. It was a perfect coin for the grade. And it was the overlooked Type II.
What a treat for the collector's eyes on a fine day. That coin would b welcome in an advanced Buffalo nickel collection.



Level 4

I look for Indians all the time. They are fun to collect and have many varieties .

Conan Barbarian

Level 5

that is a gorgeous grade for that nickel what a sight that must have been


Level 6

Sounds like a lovely day.. I sure hope the coin shop is in a super secure area. a few years ago my coin guy went on holiday and posted it for his customers. He went away and a couple of days later the alarms went off. Sadly for him part of his security package allows him to view all his cameras on the internet. That way he could watch,in real time, as his shop was robbed. They didn't get the good stuff but still......Know he just tells his favorite customers when he will be gone. No posting... Thanks sounds like a unique coin.

Kepi took the words right out of my mouth! I was thinking the same thing, I'm glad you got to enjoy that Buffalo nickel CoinLady, but that dealer may need to consider Kepi's words.


Level 7

You had a chance to appreciate a coin and didn't cost you a nickel. That's a good day. But the lunch cost you. Hope you had a good day yesterday. I received my Christmas club check. Now it's time for me to shop for my present. I know what token I want getting it is another story. Thanks for getting me thinking. Have a good one Mike.


Level 6

Didn't cost a nickel. Nice pun Mike!!!!


Level 6

Yes., it does sound like another nice day! I'm a little surprised that the coin shop would leave coinage in the shop window being it was closed. I know our coin dealer puts everything away in his safe during non business hours to detour break-ins.


Level 4

another nice shop day - even from the outside - hope the weekend is good for you !

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