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06 Jan 2017

Buffalo nickel specialists

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A question for all the Buffalo nickel specialists...where can I find info on the life of Two Moons, one of the models? I know he fought at the Battle of Little Big Horn, and wrote his own perspective on the battle. I have found info in coin books here & there, but is there a bio or any other books that would tell more of his life? (Research for possible writing project) Thank you all!



Level 6

www.snowwowl.com/nativeleaders/twomoons.html www.reddit.com/r/ColorizedHistory/comments/751x8... www.american-tribes.com/Cheyenne/bio/TwoMoons.htm Hi CoinLady, I know this blog was awhile ago, but I found some web-sites that maybe interesting to you about Two moons. Have a great day! Kepi


Level 5

Sorry, no help here. I hope you find the information you are looking for.


Level 5

You could start with Wikipedia. Two Moons bio in a brief article. Also check the "talk" page to see what was not included in the article and why. The article also lists about 7 references which might get you what you want. Good Luck.

Conan Barbarian

Level 5

never heard of that good luck on your research and i might look into it too


Level 4

Interesting Project for sure - I will ask around to some of my much more knowledgeable friends - We will see if any of them can come up with anything .


Level 7

Wish I could help anytime they the experts on the nickels say three different chiefs were used. It seems we know more about the buffalo black diamond from the central park zoo. Wish I could help let us know if you find out thanks lots of luck with your article.

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