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08 Nov 2017

Classically beautiful

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Great day downtown today. The tree is up in the Walnut Room. Delicious lunch, served by my favorite waiter. And of course, a trip to the coin shop.
What caught my eye today? A genuinely scarce and underrated coin, a Classic Head quarter eagle of 1839, minted at New Orleans. Not mint state but close to it. This pretty little coin was struck years before the Civil War. Who owned this coin? What did it buy? And how many still exist? I looked up the mintage...a scant 17,000 and some. A very small amount, compared to the figures of today.
Classic head gold is lovely and so overlooked, overshadowed by the St. Gaudens $20 and some coins that gets lots of publicity. Many modern gold issues are covered and written about constantly. But the Classic Head gold quarter eagles, half eagles too, are hardly ever mentioned, not even to type collectors.
This is a really good coin to own. I hope it finds a good home with a numismatist who appreciates the history, beauty, and rarity of this coin.


Conan Barbarian

Level 5

that is a true rarity

coin collector

Level 4

sounds great .


Level 5

I bought an XF-45 1836 script 8 Classic Head quarter-eagle at the Central States Numismatic Society show this year and I love it!


Level 6

Wish I could join you someday on these excursions A course I live many miles away.


Level 6

Sounds like another good day in town...lunch and the coin store. You should think about maybe buying one of these coins you keep telling us about and put it up a blog with a couple nice photo's. I would love to see some of your coins in your personal collection. Just an idea. Thanks CoinLady!


Level 5

Wow, that is a scarce coin. And a nice looking type.


Level 7

I wouldn't mind giving it a home. Sometimes I also wonder who had this coin were did it go all those questions. The Spanish Reals what did they buy for our troops. Food. Boots. You can't help but ask. Thanks for a very good blog. Now you have me thinking.


Level 4

Sounds like another good day on the town - I thought, for just a second, that you were going to say that you picked up that coin !

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