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16 Mar 2017

Coins of Ireland

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When I began collecting coins of the world, some of the first coins I acquired were coins of Ireland. Housed in a green plastic holder, the eight-piece set featured farm animals. It was a very attractive set, and appealed to topical collectors, fans of pre-decimal coinage, and anyone who appreciated simply designed, nice coins.
The farthing was last minted in 1959, featuring a woodcock. The half penny featured a sow and piglets, and the penny, a hen and her chicks.
An alert hare was featured on the threepence, an Irish wolfhound on the sixpence, and a bull on the shilling.
A leaping salmon was on the florin, and a horse on the largest coin, the half crown.
The obverse featured a harp, based on the Brian Boru harp.
My basic type set of Irish coins was purchased in 1966, a few years before the decimal coinage came to be. The first modern coins of Ireland were issued in 1928. The inscription on the obverse differed from 1928-1937, Irish Free State; in later years, the country name was Eire.  There are a few rarities: the 1938 penny and half crown, along with the 1943 half crown and florin. I looked for these dates when I browsed through "junk boxes." Never found any!
A large and simply designed silver crown was struck in 1966. I recall seeing one in my local coin shop, in an official holder--heavily toned.
The type set of pre-decimal Irish coins was a favorite, and could lead to an interest in coinage from the Emerald Isle, including the more recent issues. All are attractive and worth collecting.



Level 5

Great information and it shows the passion you have for the hobby and all it can offer.


Level 6

Thanks for this much anticipated blog. Great history lesson!!

Conan Barbarian

Level 5

thanks for the history. animals on coins are the best a collector can get an entire zoo of coins that were circulated if they try hard enough


Level 4

Thank you the names of the coins - Florin & half crown - I had not hear those before - Sounds like a nice set


Level 5

Enjoyed the blog. topical collecting makes for a nice display!


Level 7

Thanks for that blog. You know I was looking forward to it. Very good descriptions of there coinage. It was designed after there lifestyle. Made only one proof set. And 1966 was the anniversary of the uprising that led to there independence. They made a silver coin that year. I finally picked one up. Galic on the edge I love it. Again thank you very much. Nothing but memories.


Level 6

Happy St. Patrick's Day Mike and all!


Level 4

Oooh, what an interesting idea to put farm animals on the coins! That's so neat! :D Thank you for another informative and excellent post.

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