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22 Mar 2019

Fanfare for the common coin

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If every coin was a rarity, what would we spend?If every coin was a key date, what would happen to collecting?Common coins are there. They are everywhere. Found in change, in piggy banks, tossed into a fountain to make a wish. Most people spend them without a second thought.Collectors check coins. They check their change. They get rolls of coins from the bank to look for varieties, errors, maybe a silver coin or two. Every collector started by picking out common coins from circulation or learning about coins given as gifts. They fill in holes in an album with many common coins. It's all part of building a set.A set of Lincoln cents, no matter the date span, will include quite a few common coins. The same goes for Roosevelt dimes, Mercury dimes, Buffalo nickels, whatever the collector likes. Perhaps it can be said that every coin in certain sets is common.There would be no coin collecting without common coins. Every coin has a history. Most coins have passed through many hands.Appreciate those common coins too.



Level 4

yeah. this is true. i bet the ladder half of my collection is common. ive started when my dad and mom were counting half dollars and i got interested. its not about profit, its about doing what you want to.


Level 4

This is a very important, succinct blog which makes a great point about collecting. I have mostly common date coins. Things like condition, eye appeal, toning, or being part of a set can make a common coin very special.

If everything was a key date we would not have hobby. I love this blog, thanks for writing.


Level 6

Great blog! Very true too... We love our common coins! ; ) haha

It's Mokie

Level 6

Very true CoinLady, the Common Coin is, and always will be, the backbone of our hobby. For evey Key in my collection, there ae 100 commons holding my interest. I say we should sing a Fanfare for the Common Coin.


Level 6

If it were not for common coins, we would not have rare coins. Good thoughtful blog.


Level 6

I like your blog. It is very true. Pat said it too. We all started humbly. Thanks


Level 7

Good one I just wrote a journal at NGC about basically the same. Most forget how they started and now they think they know everything write blogs cut and paste. We know. Albums and coin rolling are great. Always will be. Some think it's above them. Good more coins for me to find. Doesn't matter what album or were you get the coins. We crawl before we walk. Others are running before they crawl they won't learn like that. Piggy banks are a favorite of mine. Thanks for the good memories. Pat

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