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06 Sep 2017

Getting technical

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One of my favorite series is the Buffalo nickel. Putting together a date and mint set is challenging, even if all of the coins are not mint state. Many cannot be found well struck. There are proofs in three different types too--brilliant, satin, and matte.
I recently found a book on Buffalo nickels that went into detail about the many varieties. Collectors are aware of the famous 3-leg and the 1918 overdate. But there are many more subtle varieties too. This book went into loving detail on the many differences in mintmarks and other elements of striking.
I was never a big fan of varieties, especially if a magnifier was needed to spot them. But a book like this can inspire a collector who ahs filled in all the album holes. There is always a new way to collect and a new way of seeing your favorite series.



Level 5

Agree with the notion that the varieties that I am interested in can be seen with the naked eye. And preferably there is a hole in my album for it. So in Buffalo Nickels I will stick with the "three legged" and the 1918 overdates. But I would read the book!!

Conan Barbarian

Level 5

i have been working on my buffalo collection over this summer and i plan to have a complete one of full dates some day (not all slabbed and in best quality just a full readable date)

Conan Barbarian

Level 5

and thanks for the blog


Level 6

I agree with you on varieties, and how nice the Buffalo Nickels is great series.


Level 6

I agree. The varieties should be view able without magnification. Just a personal opinion from a VAM collector. I do collect some that need magnification but I prefer the others.. Thanks


Level 7

Thank you for the information but if you have the name of the book that would help me. Yes there are many varieties in this set and it is doable. You still can put that set together some coins have really gone up in price but put some money aside get the ones you can afford and you will have a great set. Thanks for the blog hopefully it will catch on. Without these blogs some young collectors wouldn't know about them t thanks. Mike

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