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02 Apr 2017

Happy birthday to the US Mint!

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Today is the 225th birthday of the United States Mint. Now is the time for all collectors, casual and serious, to think about the many issues that have come out of the Mint. Many early coins are scarce, expensive, and out of reach for the average collector. That does not mean these coins cannot be appreciated. Learn more about them. Study photos, guide books, and auction catalogs. Knowledge makes you a better collector.
Recall the 19th century issues, the attractive capped Bust. All those Seated Liberty coins. Indian cents and large cents, half cents, twenty cent coins. There were two-cent and three-cent coins. There are coins minted but  not known to exist, such as the 1873-S Seated dollar. And don't forget the Morgan silver dollar, and the historical Carson City coins. And gold! Especially after the Gold Rush!
20th century coins, some of the most popular and attractive in the American series. The three new coins of 1916, newly recalled and re-minted in gold. The All-American Buffalo nickel. The Lincoln cent, still being minted after 118 years. All the commemoratives, classic and modern. Bullion coins. Something for everyone.
New issues in the 21st century, with more to come. The new $100 gold featuring an African-American Liberty. A palladium coin featuring the familiar Mercury obverse. More National park quarters. Perhaps Apollo 11 commems.
Remember the eight mints that struck US coins.
Happy birthday to the US Mint, and many more!



Level 5

Yes a very big part of history. Great for our hobby. I just wish they would bring back artistic design again.


Level 6

Thank you for the reminder Coin Lady!

Thanks for reminding us about the Mint's birthday!

Conan Barbarian

Level 5


Pliny The Elder

Level 5

That's my mint. Love it! Happy Birthday is definitely in order.


Level 6

Guess I will have to have a cup cake to celebrate.


Level 4

Ahh, a very happy birthday to the US Mint! Perhaps we should have some birthday cake and mint chocolate chip ice cream to celebrate! XD


Level 7

Well it's a big part of our history. I like some of the issues that come out but it goes to congress on what they make. If they ever get their schedule right I would be very happy. They catch a lot of criticism but you have to remember they keep our economy going. And to do that for so long I guess they deserve a party. Thank you for the blog always appreciated. Mike

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