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17 Feb 2019

Happy Presidents' Day

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Presidents' Day is tomorrow. As collectors, we are familiar with many coins, medals and tokens depicting the presidents. Collecting portraits of one or more presidents can be a lifetime challenge.
Abraham Lincoln is a favorite with many Americans. Besides the familiar portrait on the cent, Lincoln has appeared on a Statehood quarter, a commemorative half dollar, a silver dollar, a President dollar, and even a pattern nickel. Lincoln has appeared on many Civil War tokens and medals. There is a fine reference book available for those interested in pursuing this.
George Washington is also a favorite. His bust has been featured on the quarter since 1932. There have been other issues, including a scarce group of colonials. Among the most remarkable of these is the "ugly head." There is a reference book available on Washington issues.
Many collectors fondly remember John F. Kennedy. The half dollar is a popular coin, and always was. Kennedy has been featured on other issues. A fairly new reference book lists the many coins, medals and tokens depicting JFK. I especially recall a lovely Memorial medal from Presidential Art Medals, and a Franklin Mint medal struck on the tenth anniversary of his death.
Thomas Jefferson has been featured on the nickel for over 80 years, with different portraits. There are also two dollar coins, besides Indian Peace Medals, depicting our third president.
I am aware of two bloggers who are fans of Grant and Eisenhower. These two presidents have many collectible items.
Collect presidents. It's interesting, historical, and challenging.



Level 6

Nice blog! I think we all have some Presidents in our collections! ; )


Level 6

It makes a nice medal collection. Thanks


Level 6

Studying the Presidential Dollar coins in the Redbook is a great way to learn the order of the Presidents.

Our history compared to that of any country in the Eastern road gives u sonly a few things to choose to put on our coins. In China they put the leader of the time on a note for their currency. Just look down at your change to appreciate what each president featured did.


Level 7

Our short history as far as the world clock goes really doesn't give us many to choose from. So we do the best we can. Some countries have gone centuries with different leaders. Try and collect that set. This is a very doable set you just have to make sure it you after one president contact there Library. I did. The Franklin Roosevelt Library and I asked the person in charge of the vault how many medals are there and she replied to many for me to count. So there is more than meets the eye. Thanks.

It's Mokie

Level 6

I was just looking at a beautiful Washington Medal by Laura Gardin Fraser on EBAY. I am watching it, deciding whether to buy or not. Price is pretty attractive with a Make Me An Offer included. HMMMMMMM Thanks for reminding me CoinLady.

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