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16 Aug 2017

How can I do this?

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Mother was a big fan of my coin writing. She saved copies of my articles. When she died and I was going through her things, I found notes to a story I had written in 2011. That year, I wrote many articles when I was at home recovering from an accident. Mother injured her back at that time, so it was quite a time for both of us.
Among my articles was one on St. Gaudens $20 gold coins. I had attended the WFM in Rosemont that summer and cane up with the idea when I saw an exhibit of the 1849 and 1933 $20 coins. I decided to write of the "later dates" in the St. Gaudens series.
As Mother recovered, I gave her copies of my stories to read and encouraged questions. She enjoyed the $20 gold story and asked how I came up with the mintage figures. She was familiar with the Red Book, but knew many of these coins had been melted. I said that I used many resources: auction catalogs, reference books, population figures and talking to dealers who handled these coins. She also asked how she would buy one of these coins if she wanted one; after all, you can't go into your local coin shop and ask for a 1932 $20 gold. I told her of auctions and private sales, and that it might take a few years of waiting and bidding until you could get that coin.
I thought she asked good questions. I enjoyed writing that article, answering her questions, and I think it helped in her recovery too.



Level 6

What a wonderful blog.. Thanks for sharing such a personal story!

Conan Barbarian

Level 5

that is one of the best ways to write a book


Level 5

My mother and I also share coin collecting. Until her last year we went to an annual local coin show together. Her would go her way. I would go mine we would meet again a few hours later and compare our find. Coin collecting spans generations.


Level 7

You should be very proud. You did what you loved with someone you loved more. A wonderfully experience. And your mother encouraged you in your writings can't get better inspiration than that. I bet the articles were terrific. Thanks for sharing that moment.

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