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07 Dec 2016

I can dream, can't I?

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Whenever I'm downtown--and I go as often as I can--I enjoy stopping into my favorite coin shop and looking in the windows, browsing, talking about coins. It's a nice place for a longtime collector to dream.
The first time I walked into this store, the first coin I spotted was a 1793 Chain cent. Every time since, I see at least one coin that gets me dreaming.
On my last trip, I saw three lovely Bust dollars, 1798, 1799, 1800. The oldest was a workhorse coin that went out into circulation and did what it was made to do. The coin was graded AG, but showed major detail, no nicks or scratches I could see. It had an even color and was, as they say, nice for the grade. The other two dollars were also worn, not Mint State.
These coins showed a lot of character. Bearing that classic design, these three Bust dollars were a joy to behold. They had everything a true numismatist could want. These three coins could have formed the beginning of a collection of Bust dollars. What a specialty! Yes, there are such collectors.
Checking out these three silver dollars was a good experience, and got me dreaming. Maybe in my next life, I will specialize in early dollars!



Level 5

Thanks for the story. It is great that you can visit your coin shop often and get inspired.

Pliny The Elder

Level 5

Great story, nice to hear about the coin shop.


Level 6

Nice blog. The coin shop has high end items.


Level 7

Very good blog I liked it. There was an email sent out by coin world that said alot of collector's like those coins. I happen to agree if you like it go for it. A coin doesn't have to be perfect. Coins have personality. Sometimes there are things wrong with them but I might like it and I'll pick it up. Thanks for your time. Mike


Level 6

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