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27 Aug 2017

I found it at the library

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I paid a visit to my local library in search of books for research. I am beginning work on a new novel, science fiction, a departure from my usual. I know SF fans are a great audience, also a tough audience. The science in the written work has to be accurate. This novel takes place among Jupiter's moons, so I spent some time in the Astronomy section.
After picking out a few books and studying a few more, I went to the Coins section. They had a good selection. They even had a copy of my clad coinage book! I found two books on Indian cents. Lately I've been looking for a new coin interest, and I was thinking of this series. So I took out those books too.
Browsing in the library, pursuing my work, led to a new collecting interest.



Level 6

How cool to see your book. Your correct on S.F. fans. Good luck on the book and a new line of study!


Level 6

Indian cents would make a nice looking collection. Many, many varieties.


Level 6

Sounds like a great day! Something special about the atmosphere in a library.

Conan Barbarian

Level 5

thats fascinating and great. just an idea, you should add in some numismatic things into your SF novel that only coin collectors would pick up on just for laughs or something


Level 5

Refreshing an interest in a series is what keeps me going. Setting new goals and accomplishing them always feels good. Good Luck.


Level 7

That's terrific! One of my blogs I recommend the library. They have so many different sections. That's great your book was there congratulations. Mike.

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