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17 Nov 2017

I know it's special

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Some years ago, I attended a World's Fair of Money that featured many special exhibits. Besides the usual array of wonderful collector exhibits, some coins that weren't seen often were displayed. This was the show where the ten 1933 double eagles were shown. There were long lines to see these coins from the time I walked in the door.
The show was in Denver. One special coin displayed was the rarest coin with the Denver mintmark, the 1927-D double eagle. The mintage figure was healthy, but nearly all were melted. Only a dozen or so still exist.
This was a few years before my own research into the survival rates of the "later date" double eagles, but I realized this coin was special.
Among the crowds at this busy convention, collectors and dealers, coin lovers, I made my way to see the coin. I was the only one near it. No lines. Just me.
I got up close and got a good look at that special coin, one of a dozen or so, and I knew how important the coin was and how lucky I was to see it.
That was one of the highlights of that show.



Level 6

We are headed to a coin show in Las Vegas next month and I can't wait to see what exhibits they might have!

Conan Barbarian

Level 5

i managed to take a great look at the 1933 double eagle. the mint had it on display at the last convention and there were no lines just a square case that spun for any one to look at that was walking by. very cool coin


Level 6

Great story. Coin Convention are so fun and interesting. One can learn a lot and meet some pioneers of numismatics as well as modern giants! thanks..


Level 4

Always good to see the almost impossible to own dates & mint marks - great moment with no crowd


Level 6

It is a nice experience to see rare coins at conventions and shows.


Level 7

I would give anything to see these coins. Pictures just don't do it. But we have less shows here in N.Y. then anywhere else. It must of been nice you and the coin and no one pushing. You must of enjoyed it. It's like going to an art museum. That's what you were looking at art and history. Thanks Mike.


Level 5

I love looking at all the rare coins on display at the ANA shows. It gives me the rare opportunity to see coins I will never own. I will often just stare at those coins for several minutes taking in all the beauty and rarity of the coin on display!

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