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07 Mar 2019

In love again

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The first coin I bought was a well worn 1907 Indian cent, for 25c. I did not become that involved with that series, although I always liked Indian cents.
Recently I found a copy of the Official Red Book of Indian cents at the coin shop. I looked through it and fell in love with the series. It's a good set, covering 50 years. There are common cons and scarce coins, such as the famous 1877 and the 1909-S. There are copper-nickel and bronze issues. There are worn coins, Mint state and proofs. They come in different shades and colors. All are worthwhile.
Proof Indian cents are lovely. The strike is full and strong, revealing the feather details, leaves on the wreath and lines on the shield. The surfaces are brown, bronze, or toned in shades of purple and rose. Mint state coins are red and brilliant, or an attractive chocolate brown color.
Worn coins are collectors items too. How many Indian cents of any date were minted, compared to the mintage figures of modern cents? I've heard of long time collectors finding Indian cents in change.
And then...I found a copy of Dave Bowers' Buyer's & Enthusiast's Guide to Indian cents, at Half Price Books. I was sold.
I love Indian cents. It's a great set to build.



Level 4

The first coin I bought was a 1912 D wheat cent. That sparked my interest and I still collect wheat cents!


Level 5

First 1800's coin I bought was an Indian cent as well. Still have it. 1888.


Level 6

Me either... I can't remember this first coin I bought ; ) Indian Head Cents are amazing! Nice blog. Thanks CoinLady!

I can't remember my first coin either. I started collecting from circulation, but at that time you could still find lots of Buffalos, a reasonable of Standing Libs and even a few Barbers of all denominations. I do remember that my first ancient was a Constantine I bronze. And NO - I did not get that from circulation.


Level 4

Mine was a 1954 D. Franklin Half Dollar.


Level 6

I still find one from time to time while roll hunting. A beautiful coin. Thanks.


Level 4

It is a good feeling to really connect with a particular series. Indian Head Cents really do run the gamut with all they offer to the collector.

It covers multiple compositions too. I really love this design, the red examples are to die for, and seeing a proof example in person makes your day. My 1908 Indian head is one of my favorite coins! This set takes a long time to complete though, can not wait to see what is next.

It's Mokie

Level 6

It is indeed a wonderful set, it is kind of like the Buffalo Nickel in that it evokes the romance of the Old West in an accessible way for every collector. It is also the kind of Cent my Dad told me were common in change when he was a young man in the 1930's. Maybe once I finish my Lincoln Type Set, I will put together an Indian Head Type set. a unique design to start the series, then a few years with CN, then bronze and a first mintmark on a Cent. Lots to represent. If you choose to go full into the series CoinLady, please let us know your progress.


Level 7

I can't member the first either. But that is a great set. It's beautiful and with it I believe. Thanks Mike


Level 6

I can't remember my first coin I bought. Indian Cents are great to collect. The design is simple, which I like.

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