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01 Aug 2017

Instant collection

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Nothing like a ready-made collection. A few years ago, I visited one of my favorite dealers at the World's fair of Money. He proudly displayed a set of large cents that he had assembled from stock. Each year from 1793-1857 was represented, except 1799. The 1793 coin was the Wreath cent. Condition was very good for most coins, with earlier dates showing much wear but still nice. Nothing excessively worn or spotted.
Later in the day, I saw him again. He had filled the 1799 opening. There was an instant collection of large cents!
This set could have been the basis for a wonderful set. A collector just beginning to love this series--and there's a lot to love--could spend hours studying each coin, looking for varieties, and build the set from there. As time went on, coins could be upgraded.
The dealer and his set were the cover models on a coin publication a few weeks later. I wonder if that set found a home with some lucky collector.



Level 6

I see your point. A good set to study and upgrade. Personally, I love the hunt for my coins. I kind of feel sad when I finish a set. It's only happened once. A Peace Dollar set. I've upgraded a few coins but it's just not the same to me the second time around. I originally bought the best I could. Even though a complete set is not for me to buy, I sure enjoy seeing them. Thanks!!


Level 4

Sounds like a wonderful set!


Level 5

I did a similar thing with V-nickels. I saw a partial set in a coin shop's weekly auction. Grades were from Very Fine down to About Good. And the set was in a Whitman collecting board. I bought the set. I put the coins in a dansco album and sold the board for more than I thought I would. Then I started up-grading. I completed the series last year and am still up-grading. This was a nice way to start.


Level 4

it is a tall order to fill all the gaps in that type of collection - always a good feeling to get something complete, but there is always something more to get !


Level 5

I've been working on my set for years. It is a fun set and the only US set I am currently working on.

Conan Barbarian

Level 5

that is quite a set he had i wonder if he would sell them individually or as one big sale


Level 7

That was a great find. They sell collections completely filled. However you saw the coins. Unless your there you don't know what you will get. Thanks.Mike.

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