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01 Mar 2019

It's March!

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Today is March 1, finally! Hopefully spring will make an appearance soon. It's also my lucky month. Something good happens in March.
What would be good luck for you and your collecting? Maybe searching through rolls and finding something good, or old, or scarce, or all of the above. Maybe it's finding the first 2019 dated coin. Maybe it's discovering a new collecting interest. Maybe it's finding a good old coin reference at a book sale.
Collectors who get out there and look often make good finds. Sometimes it takes awhile, but there are still good coins to be found.
Numismatists who study and "buy the book before the coin" often do well.
Those who get involved and don't give up have a good time with their hobby and do good things.
I wish my fellow numismatists much good luck this month. And an early spring, too.



Level 4

I am looking forward to the National Money Show this month. It will be my first time at one.


Level 6

Hopefully, my spring will as good as my winter for my collection.


Level 6

The sun sure feels good out here in the desert! I've had enough of our cold winds! Right now I'm looking forward to a Las Vegas Coin Show in May! Can't wait to get out of town for a couple days... and hopefully find some good deals!


Level 4

Yay! Every month has something exciting in the numismatic world. Next month is NCW!!!


Level 6

Get our coin and currency inventory lists up to date. Only about a year behind.


Level 5

Hoping for spring as well. After ending Feb needing to shovel 3 times a day, March starts with double digit negative temps. Nothing to do but stay inside and work on the coin collection.


Level 5

Not to be out snipped on an E-bay lot.

It's Mokie

Level 6

I am so anxious for the National Money Show, I know it's going to be a fantastic event. My March wish is for time to fly.

Today the 2019 Proof set with the 2019-W cent goes for sale today!

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