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06 Aug 2017

Just an idea

World's Fair of Money | CoinLady

I did not attend this year's World's Fair of Money. Sorry to miss a major show and all it has to offer.
Just a thought for next year...perhaps more social media presence would work. I'd love to see more Twitter coverage, tweets from the bourse floor, exhibits, what's happening at the US Mint booth and BEP booth. I use Twitter quite a bit, as a writer, and did not see that much.
Someone with more savvy than I can elaborate. But since so many people, especially young people, spend so much time on Twitter/Facebook/Instagram etc, perhaps a stronger presence would be interesting to those of us at home, and those of us who might have a passing interest in the hobby.
Also, I'd like to see major clubs have more of an interest in Twitter, notable FUN and Central States. A few years ago, FUN was active on Twitter, but this has stopped. And what about NLG? Other clubs I haven't mentioned?
Social media is here to stay. Let's take advantage of all it has to offer.


Conan Barbarian

Level 5

that would be a great thing to do


Level 6

That is a good idea. Anything that would add to the coverage for us people left home.. Thanks!!


Level 7

I think your right. I myself am not a member of social media. To much going on . I'm happy here with the knowledge I can gain here. I always find something to do. I guess I am more weary of security than ever before. I know that issue is true anywhere even here but more so there. It's a very good idea I just wonder why there wasn't that much this year. Who knows. Feel better and enjoy thanks for the writing. Mike


Level 5

I agree that I would like to see more but I think I know part of the problem. Organizations that have a significant social media presents have someone (or group) in charge of doing it that knowns how to do it. For big organization like ANA maybe that is paid staff but for most others it is a volunteer. Lots of organizations have barely enough volunteers to get the things done now. Adding social media become difficult to find a new volunteer with the right skill set.

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