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23 May 2018

Lucky penny day

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Today is Lucky penny day. Many collectors out there love their "pennies," or cents. So many began with pulling Lincoln cents out of change, looking for a 1909-S VDB, a 1914-D, or a double die. Back in the day, I heard of Indian cents turning up in change in the early 1960s. And don't forget the Flying Eagles or the large coppers.
I've written on large cents a few times, saying that if I had another life to live for collecting, I'd specialize in large cents. The varieties, the history.
Flying eagle cents were a short series, but there were many patterns. Yes, you can specialize in Flying Eagle cents.
Indian cents have been a favorite series for years. There are types, patterns, metallic changes, a few varieties and scarce coins too. They look lovely in Mint State, even lovelier in proof.
Lincoln cents will be popular as long as there are coins. Going back over 100 years, there is so much to offer in this set.
I wish all collectors a lucky day today. Whether it's a Chain cent you desire, a Sheldon variety, a Flying Eagle pattern, a proof Indian, a double die Lincoln or an old-fashioned 1909-S VDB...have a good day and enjoy your pennies and cents!  



Level 7

I looked yesterday and found an old display box. Unfortunately it was empty. So I put a 1909 Indian head cent a 1909 V.D.B. red and a 1909 V.D.B. double die. Nice little set thanks for that I'm one that happens to like them. Mike


Level 6

Thanks for the notice on "Lucky Penny Day" When I pick up a penny, I figure I got a penny's worth of exercise.


Level 6

I didn't know that. I looked it up and found a cool site. It shows every national day. Thanks. Nice fun blog. Large cents have a huge following. I think they are as crazy as us VAM guys like me. Thanks again!!


Level 6

See a penny, pick it up… All day long you’ll have good luck. Thanks CoinLady! ; )

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