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27 Jun 2017

Nice premium

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As a writer, I attend book signings and other events. Sometimes I offer a giveaway item. Bookmarks and book business cards are common. But writers must get a little creative in order to stand out.
Many writers have raffles, giving away gift baskets, free books, or something different. When my hockey novel "Run to You" was published, I  raffled off a 1993 Canadian silver dollar. This lovely coin was minted to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the Stanley Cup. The .925 silver coin features two hockey players and two looks at the Cup--as it was in 1893 and as it appeared in 1993. The Montreal Canadiens won the Cup that year--the last time a Canadian team won the Cup.
This was a beautiful and historical coin in itself, quite popular with hockey fans in Canada and the USA. The winner was happy with it too.


Conan's right, that is a great idea!


Level 5

Gee if I wrote a book I could give away some of my "Odd Things with Coins!!" ;)

Conan Barbarian

Level 5

that is a great idea


Level 7

Hi. I was looking at a hockey set made in Canada by there wonderful mint. They had six great players. I as a hockey player since I could roller skate was interested immediately. Then I read about them now remember these were beautiful coins and as a player and fan I thought this was easy. Six coins close to seven hundred dollars and each coin was half an ounce. They broke my heart. No way was I paying that much for half ounce coins. For three ounces! Two of the players I thought were good but not great. So I had to pass. I would of liked to see your coin that sounds very nice. Again thanks for bringing back some great memories. Mike.

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