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07 Feb 2019

Obvious to the naked eye

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Despite the dark and foggy weather, I went downtown today, first trip since the holiday season. Great day. Delicious lunch, served by my favorite waiter.
A trip to the coin shop was first on the agenda. There was a beautiful set of Franklin half dollars, all Mint state, all lovely. And a separate coin caught my eye.
The "Bugs Bunny" variety of 1955 half dollar has been known for years. It's obvious to the naked eye. This particular coin was MS, brimming with luster, good strike, white and not toned. This would have been a great companion piece for the full set.
And to top it off, the shop had a copy of the Official Red Book of Franklin & Kennedy halves. These two series have always been favorites of mine. Franklin halves were the first set I was serious about completing. I have written often about Kennedy halves. Oh, and I just completed an article on the Special Year of 1955, with a mention of the Bugs Bunny variety.
This made a good day better. Coins will do that.



Level 6

Sounds great! Where can we read your 1955 article? P.S. I love my Bugs Bunny Franklin!

It's Mokie

Level 6

How Funny you should mention the Bugs Bunny Franklin, it is one of the coins I bought the first time I went to the Long Beach show in the early 1980's . I no longer have it, I think it was 15.00 at the time. Where are your articles published, I would love to read your article about 1955.


Level 6

Numismatic News will use my 1955 article sometime in March.

The bugs bunny franklin looks so odd you cannot help but like it. Franklins are a set that can easily be comepleted with a modest budget and it leaves collectors lots of room for specialty and to choose mnay varieties an dgrades while still being affordable


Level 5

Sounds like a great day.


Level 6

Franklin's are a very nice coin. I can remember them in my change as a kid. A young kid.. I too like the "Bugs Bunny" variety and had to buy one. Not to expensive for a nice variety one can see unaided, as you state. Thanks.


Level 7

I don't think it's underrated at all. Rick Tomaska is constantly finding them in good condition. I enjoy the coin. Your eye picked a nice coin. It's also a set that can be put together. I have a lot of them enjoy them very much. The fun is in the hunt. Mike.

Franklin half dollars are the most under-recognized coin made in the 20th century. Most people think they're ugly, but I like them a lot. They are also a relaxing set to collect. No key dates, no large budget needed, and also that classic silver coin feel. Always a set I have in my mind.

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