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10 Nov 2018

Ode to a favorite coin

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I fell in love with the Chain cent as soon as I knew it existed. I'd just started collecting and did not know what the first cents looked like, or even that they were large cents.
No, it's not the prettiest coin. Contemporary news reports criticized the chain motif and the Liberty head. Non-glowing terms for a coin that later became so popular and in-demand. Face value is only 1c. And it's made of pure copper, not precious metal. The edge is lettered, something unusual to modern eyes.
This coin can be found in all conditions. Most went out and did their job, circulating for years, becoming worn, scratched, nicked, cleaned, taking all the abuse that an old copper cent can take. Out of a mintage of approximately 36,000, how many are still around today? Even with those odds, there are a few high grade coins. They are lovely to behold. Bold details, sharp hair, even Liberty's eye. But some Chain cents are so worn, pretty much all you can see is the chain and an outline of Liberty's head.
Some Chain cents show that lovely chocolate brown color seen on old copper. Some are dull, dark, a tinge of green.
This coin is a genuine piece of history. No matter what your specialty is, no matter the coin's condition...there's nothing like a Chain cent.


A full copper coin with a nice history to go along, however hard to find in decent shape, 200+ years do a number on these coins.


Level 6

One of my favorites.


Level 6

It is a very nice coin. A bit outside my budget right now. Thanks.


Level 4

I agree, I love the Chain Cent. Just the look of it drip with history. It’s defini in the pantheon of great American - even world - coins. Thanks for the blog. Jim


Level 6

It is a beauty in its own right.


Level 7

A wonderful coin. It's just to bad we can only collect so many coins. If I could in would have a few of these. Thanks.

It's Mokie

Level 6

I have always loved the flowing hair designs from our earliest days, they speak of a newly free nation, striding forward to our future

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