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10 Jul 2017

Oh, to be in Denver

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I attended the last WFM in Denver. There was a long line as soon as I reached the convention center.  The attraction was a display of the ten 1933 double eagles that had recently been discovered. Yes, I got a good, longing look at these beautiful coins. I took a pic. Before the weekend was over, I viewed them again.
This was one of many highlights. There were many exhibits to see, dealers to visit, books to buy, catalogs to pick up.
Denver has much to offer the sightseer. Besides a trip to the Denver Mint, there was a tour of the Capitol Building with its gold topped dome. I climbed the 90-something steps to the top and took more pics.
Colorado Springs is not far from Denver. A drive up Pikes Peak was a highlight of this trip. The scenery going up is absolutely gorgeous. The temp at the base of the mountain was 82 degrees. At the top, it was 30 and sleeting!
A day a ANA HQ was one to remember. Exhibits of the 1804 dollar and 1913 Liberty nickel stood out, along with a pilgrimage to the Harry Bass  Collection. When can you see a complete set of $3 gold pieces--including the unique 1870-S?
My last trip to Denver was one of my favorite trips. Wish I could be there this year too.



Level 5

I'll have to wait until 2019 in Chicago :( One of these years I'll have to try to make it to one of the more remote locations along with the January FUN show.


Level 5

Yes, it would be nice. But it is a 3 day drive to Denver and a 3 day drive back. So this is a show for me to pass up. Maybe next year Philadelphia!


Level 5

I sure wish I was going this year. Oh well, maybe next year.


Level 6

Thanks for that. I found Denver to be a quick haze through the airport trying for a connecting flight to Colorado Springs. Other than that, I feel all of Colorado is beautiful with a fantastic history. Well worth a visit. Especially to a coin show or the ANA and the Money Museum! Thanks!!


Level 7

If you didn't have a good time no one did. You did it all the right way. Saw our history then you saw the city's history. That's the way I would of done it. So many go to the show then leave without seeing the sights. I bet the mint was really interesting. While you were there the probably mad a bunch of DD. Seems like most of them come from there. Thanks for sharing your experience. Mike

Conan Barbarian

Level 5

sounds like a great time i cant wait to be there this year


Level 4

It sounds like your last trip was one that could be a memory for a few more, but I am betting you go again in the future - Thank you for the thoughts !

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