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29 Jun 2018

Old gold

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Yesterday turned out to be a great day for downtown. Hot and sunny, but bearable. Besides the Farmer's Market and a delicious lunch, served by my favorite waiter, there was a long stop at the coin shop.
Many lovely coins sparkled within the counter. There were copper, silver, and gold coins, and not all Mint State. One worn coin stood out.
A $10 gold piece of 1849, graded VF, was different from many of its brother gold coins at the shop because of its wear. Not excessive, but just enough to let the viewer know that the coin had been around and had changed hands a number of times. This coin was struck at Philadelphia as the Gold Rush was going on.  
It's been said many times, "if this coin could talk," and it was true of this coin. Dated many years before the Civil War, at a time when something big was going on out West. This coin had seen a lot of history. Now it deserved a place in a nice collection.
All interesting coins are not in super high grade.



Level 5

Mint state no-motto (1838-1866) Liberty eagles are very scarce. These coins were minted to circulate and circulate they did! Eagles were a very expensive coin to save so they were spent!


Level 6

What a great find! I like to see an XF or AU in my coins. They seem to have more character. Sounds like a fun day!


Level 1

The historical connections of coins is certainly interesting. I metal detect as a hobby and the most exciting finds are those that connect a particular place and time. I agree with you that not all interesting coins have to be in high grade!


Level 4

Worn coins are always very fun to see. I love to hold them in my hand and imagine how many and what different kinds of hands have held the coin before me. I love the history of coins like that. Great find. :)

I think worn coins show more history than mint state ones. You don't know where the worn coin have been, making it more mysterious. Although if you were to find a Mint State coin, you could probably trace it back to the mint very easily.


Level 6

Good blog. I love gold coins with a bit of wear on them EF coins look very good. Often better than a MS 60..


Level 5

A nice XF or AU coin is my favorite. They did their job before being pulled out of circulation.


Level 7

But they do. All you do is listen look it up and the story is there. Good to see a blog thanks. Mike

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