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13 Oct 2017

One great read

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Dave Bowers' latest book is a must-read for anyone interested in US coins.
"Inside the Rare Coin Marketplace" goes beyond prices and projections. This new book covers each series, half cents to double eagles, with bright photos, rarity, what to look for.  Beginners and more advanced collectors can learn something.
Bowers has been a major force in numismatics for many years. His tales of excursions and his experience as a dealer make for interesting reading. Loaded with photos, he tells his story as only he could. His love for coins shines throughout.
I plan to spend a lot of time with this book. A definite keeper.



Level 5

Will have to give it a read.


Level 4

Another item for my wish list.

Conan Barbarian

Level 5

i will take a look at it and hopefully learn a thing or two . thanks for the suggestion


Level 6

Sounds like another must have book from Q. David Bowers! He's the best!


Level 7

If I can learn something then I want it. Thanks for the heads up. Mike


Level 6

I haven't read a book he wrote that wasn't great.. I'll be checking this one out. Thank you!!


Level 6

Sounds like another nice book from QDB.

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