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30 Mar 2017

Play ball!

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Baseball season is right around the corner!
Collectors are familiar with the 2014 Baseball HOF coins.  The clad half dollar, silver dollar, and $5 gold commemorate the Baseball Hall of Fame, and feature a glove on one side and a baseball on the other. These coins look  ore like medals, with their innovative design and curved feature. They are better looking in person. It takes an up-close view to really appreciate these coins.
Fans have a vast array of medals to collect. Medals honoring players and winning teams have been struck for years. You can pick your favorite team, or just try to find as many medals as you can. I'm not aware of a guidebook to baseball issues, although some of the old Franklin Mint guides may be helpful.
The Franklin Mint struck a silver medal to commemorate the 1972 World Series, housed in an envelope postmarked in Oakland, home of the World Series champion A's. The Medallic Yearbook 1974 featured a large silver medal showing Henry Aaron hitting his record-breaking home run.
In 1980, the Chicago White Sox celebrated the 70th anniversary of Comiskey Park. Small base metal tokens were minted and given away at a game on July 1, the anniversary date. The obverse bore a White Sox logo and the reverse, text about the ballpark.
There are many more baseball medals awaiting the fan and researcher. Play ball!



Level 5

Thanks for your insights into the game and the hobby.

Conan Barbarian

Level 5

i really like how the base ball is coming out of the coin it makes it look very realistic

Pliny The Elder

Level 5

I do like the designs of the catcher's mitt coin, it's a beauty. Or whatever kind of mitt that is. I do not own one yet. Baseball always makes me think of Mom and going to see the and endless stream of superstars play for the A's in Oakland.


Level 5

Coin collecting and baseball, the two greatest pastimes.


Level 6

That's a lot of info. I not a big baseball fan. I know, sacrilege! I do like hockey and rugby. Thanks!


Level 7

Thanks for that. The Highland mint in Florida is very big in sports coins.. My wife had a store. We had players come for the kids in the neighbourhood. Sold a lot of those coins. Back then they we're made all out of silver I don't know about today. Again you brought back good memories. Thank you for that. Mike

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